Rename Repository in SVN

If you ever need to rename a folder inside a repository, it is straightforward. However, renaming the repository and maintaining all the history is something not directly available.

Thankfully, it is a matter of two minutes. Here is a quick walk-through on a Windows server, but same applies to any other OS hosting SVN server.

Start command prompt and navigate to your the root folder of your repositories. (You can right click on Visual SVN server, point to All Tasks, and click Start Command Prompt)

  • Rename the directory using REN

D:\Repositories>ren old_repo_name new_repo_name

  • Once it is done, generate a new UUID using svnadmin

D:\Repositories>svnadmin setuuid new_repo_name

That’s it! Simple, fast, and efficient!

Run Everything as Administrator in Windows 7 and Windows 8

12-May-2014: Updated for Windows 8

I will talk quickly about running apps as administrator.

This article assumes that you have the admin rights and you know exactly why you want to do this.

Run app once as admin (Windows 7 and 8)

Right click the app name on start menu or desktop, and click Run as administrator. Or, type the name in start menu search, and press  Shift + Enter

Run one App always as admin (Windows 7 and 8)

If you want to always run a program as administrator, right click the program name, click Properties, go to Compatibility tab, and in the bottom down, click on Run this program as administrator. After this, every time you run that app, it will be as administrator.

Run everything as admin (Windows 7 only)

If you always want to run everything as administrator, and running Windows 7, simply turn off the User Account Access (UAC) by dragging the slider all the way down and restart. (Hit start button and start typing User Account Access, you will find it.)

Run everything as admin (Windows 8 and 8.1 )

If you are running Windows 8, turning off the UAC will not work. You will have to edit a Registry entry.

Open regedit and navigate to:


Edit ConsentPromptBehaviorAdmin to set it to 0.
Also set  EnableUIADesktopToggle to 0 in the same path.

No restart is needed.


Enjoy the administratorship !