View Page Source When Right-Click is Disabled with Wizton

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Orignially Posted: 04 Oct, 2007

There are instances the page uses frames, and you want to view the page source. If you do View > Source, it will not show you the source of the page that you want to view, but only the container page. You could right click and say view source, but then there are certain sites which have disabled right click using javascript. What would you do then?

Solution: Use Maxthon browser.

In the bottom right of the browser, you will see a button that says “Force Open Links in New Tabs”.

Before clicking a link, that will opens the page in the frame, click this button. Now the pages will open in a new tab. (You can turn it off later if it is irritating). You will have the page opened in a new tab without frames. Now you can always use the View > Source menu option.

Simple but useful tip I would say.

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